Lobe block is a hub of creative energy in the middle of Gesundbrunnen Kiez. A sustainable, eco-conscious building where ideas flow as easily as rainwater down our cascading terraces. Networks of ethically-minded businesses can only thrive in this environment.

Our big Event space offers a unique base for all activities, from table discussions, presentations and team-building exercises to panel talks, skills training and hackathons. The mezzanine level above offers a different, calmer perspective where you can relax between activities or prepare for the next stage. Our plant-based restaurant, Lobe Canteen, will nourish you with thoughtful, vegetarian comfort-foods throughout your stay. Arrive early in the morning to be greeted by a hot cup of coffee or tea, as much as you like! Followed by a bowl of overnight oats with fresh fruit or a just-baked croissant. Every workshop and company is unique and so are our catering menus.

The 7 metre high ceiling provides plenty of space to let imaginations soar, forging new connections between team-members, businesses and strategies. Thinking outside the box is easy as your gaze is drawn through the huge glass wall into the permaculture garden beyond.

Then take a break for lunch and let the wholesome, natural food warm your soul and bring you back down to earth. A walk in the garden between activities clears your mind and revitalises the senses by the sound of scratching chickens and buzzing bees, the scent of fresh mint, thyme and sage and the soothing action of green-bathing in the heart of the city.

A selection of sweet & savoury snacks will bolster you through the late afternoon. As your productive day comes to a close, watch the light change through the floor-to-ceiling windows and allow yourself to feel connected to the global stage. From the smallest bee in our organic garden to the big red Deutsche Bahn trains rushing past outside, within the bounds of Lobe Block you cannot help but feel like even the smallest of decisions can have a global impact. Our spaces are built to be a conduit of ideas for the good of all human and animal-kind. We invite you to become part of this network with your team. We’ll give you the space to grow and to breathe, our concrete walls become your canvas.

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