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Film and photo shootings

The best designs come back in fashion again and again. The Lobe Block is a New Brutalist building that is right en vogue for the 21st century. The 7m high walls offer a variety of timeless textures and shapes to play with. Porous, playful concrete meets smooth, classic white plaster and an entire wall of glass letting in as much natural light as possible and connecting everything back, inevitably to nature. The experiential architecture of Lobe Block invites bravery and rewards creativity, especially when seen through a lens!
The big Event room contains endless possibilities thanks to the clever traverse rigging system which hangs from the ceiling and can hold weight up to 500kg. One can attach lights, suspend products or set pieces, further opening up the advantages of the space. You’ll be spoiled for choice to showcase your products in interesting and unique ways. Whether it’s vintage furniture, modern bright textiles, radical new clothing or designed objects, your products will shine in this environment.

However it’s not just beautiful objects that feel right at home here, personal portraits are also given particular gravity. In-between the porous walls, right-angles and the contrasting shadows of staircase and sky, human forms are grounded but not dwarfed by the architecture. Reliably, there is enough room for every individual to play and find their perfect backdrop that is elevating but not distracting. Lobe Block contains a balance of light and texture that naturally result in strikingly beautiful, distinctive images from personal to commercial. The elevated Mezzanine area contains a private restroom and can easily be turned into a dedicated wardrobe and make-up area, a chill break-room or even yet another stage to ignite your imagination.

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